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J. Alexander's Corporation, which is headquartered in Nashville, currently has restaurant locations in 12 states, from MI to TX. The first store opened in 1991. The chain continues to be immensely popular for its contemporary American menu, which features many wood-fired items. J. Alexander's core philosophy: 'to provide you with the highest possible quality dining experience.'

That is a high bar, one we also set for ourselves when we first began working with J. Alexander's.

J. Alexander’s has been a client since 2002. ARS is actively involved in the administration and consulting for both their 401(k) and ESOP Plans. Being a restaurant chain, the issues associated with plan design and compliance have presented many challenges. These included setting up a Non-Qualified Plan to alleviate some of the issues resulting from limited participation


With their recent acquisition, we have been involved with incorporating another restaurant chain into the J. Alexander's plan, as well as terminating their ESOP. As the company expands, we feel the role we will play will only continue to increase, and ARS is looking forward to helping them achieve their new goals.